Do you have a pool that’s not what you want it to be?


Resurfacing. Over time your original pool surface may have gradually broken down and disintegrated. Tiles may have fallen off, marble or plaster may have worn off and paint may have peeled and faded. Your existing pool can be a starting point to so much more.

Reshape. While maintaining the strength of the existing shell we can entirely reshape the structure of your pool making it modern. We can also provide the option of adding a spa or water feature to further enhance your pool.

Rethink. With our experience in the pool building industry we can offer new equipment, designs and concepts that will turn your old pool into a fresh and exciting asset to your property.

 Our pool restoration services include pool resurfacing and retiling, supply and installation of new pool equipment, adding heating and pool covers, pool reconstruction and shape changing, adding a spa and water features, re-coping and re-paving surrounds, and the design of hardscape and landscape projects and construction.